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  1. There will be a Web Site familiarisation meeting on Tuesday 26th March
    Venue Titchfield Community Centre Mill Lane Tichfield. from 14.00 – 15.30 pm
    For those attending please bring your Mobile Phones /Tablets with you.
    Thank you

  2. Notification from Dave Jones.

    TBC working Party Saturday 23rd March.Please bring your own paint brushes.

    Marking out the green for new season Saturday 23rd March .


  3. Message from the Webmaster.
    A few changes have been made to the structure of the website.
    The idea is to hopefully make the site more user friendly for everyone, and for new members
    who may be joining us at the start of the new season.
    The core main headings across the top page of the main web site will remain unchanged.
    Changes which have been implement are as follows.
    All side sub-headings which appeared to the right under the main headings have now been
    incorporated within the main headings giving a block of information for each.
    This should make for a quicker access to find the information that you may need .
    Please familiarise your selves with each heading and the contents.
    Thank you.

  4. A note from Dave Jones

    For members who will be at the working party on Saturday March 23rd could you please bring with you your own paint brushes , the paint is water based and your brushes will be easy to clean after use.
    There will be training on the same day for cutting and lining at 10am if you are on the roster
    please attend if you are able.
    Many thanks

  5. T. B .C Annual Awards Dinner 2019
    This event will take place at the Palmerston Bowling Club , Palmerston Drive Fareham PO14 1DJ
    at 6.45pm .

  6. The membership are invited to an informal website “teach in” event which will be held
    in the Titchfield Community Centre on Tuesday 26th March commencing at 2pm.
    If you are intending to come to this event please bring your Mobile phones/ Tablets.
    This will help members to get more value from the website from whatever devices are being
    Thank You

  7. A message from Jim Chubb Competition Organiser.
    The Titchfield Bowling Club Competitions form for 2019 is now available to view on the website
    Members are hereby invited to enter one or more of the competitions available.
    We look forward to as many members as possible participating this season .
    Please give these competitions your full support which will be much appreciated.
    Thank you.

  8. The 2019 home competitions form can be found in the members area 3rd section down
    and appears at the top of the page owing to it’s importance.

  9. The Health and Safety Policy Document for Titchfield Bowling Club is now on the website
    and can be found under the heading About Us in the second section down, please click on
    the link to view content.
    Thank you.

  10. A message from Jim Chubb
    A further reminder from Jim regarding the 2019 Competitions.
    You can email /text me at 07557 024373 direct with the details of the
    competitions you wish to enter.
    Alternatively , you can post a completed competition form to 6 Sampan Close, Warsash
    SO31 9BU, or leave one with the Organiser on the day of short mat bowls for on-forwarding to me.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Jim Chubb Competition Organiser,

  11. if members wish to view the Titchfield Bowling Club Certificate of Employers’ Liability Insurance
    This document has now been placed under the heading About Us and can be viewed in the
    third sub heading down within this block of information.

  12. After a valiant effort and only loosing by a narrow margin of 38 points, we accepted defeat graciously against Thorngate short matt bowling club . A big thankyou to all concerned for a great afternoon.

  13. A reminder from the Secretary
    If you can spare some time on Saturday morning there is a working party at the Clubhouse
    from 0900 onwards. The aim is to paint the perimeter fence panels so please come suitably
    attired and bring a paint brush. The paint is water- based so can easily be washed out afterwards.
    Dave Jones will also brief volunteer grass cutters and liners about the machinery and what is involved at 1000.

  14. A message from the Webmaster.
    Please note the website “teach in meeting ” has been changed to Tuesday 26th March
    and will be held in the Haven Lounge Titchfield Community Centre between 2pm -3pm

  15. Minutes of the Committee Meeting taken on Tuesday 5th March are now available to view
    under members area in the seventh sub heading down on the website.

  16. A message from Dave Jones.
    The cutting & lining rota’s as agreed have now been posted on the web site.
    This information can be found within the heading members area in the sixth sub heading down
    on the page.
    If you have any questions please speak with me.
    Thank You

  17. We Have confirmation of Competition Matches between Hayling Island & TBC

    Hayling Island v Titchfield Saturday 27th April ( Home)

    TBC V Hayling Island Saturday 7th September (Away)

  18. Please note the following.
    The BBQ on the 7th of September has been cancelled
    There will be a special BBQ on Saturday 17th August as a replacement.

  19. in view of the forecast rain and high winds tomorrow , we have decided to postpone the work party and brief for cutters and liners until next Saturday morning 23rd March

  20. The home and away matches between TBC and Alverstoke have been confirmed.

    Alverstoke v TBC Saturday 4th May ( Home)

    TBC v Alverstoke Saturday 27th July (Away)

  21. A message from the Social Secretary
    Thank you to everyone who came along and supported the skittles event at the Crofton on
    Friday evening. Being my first time I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I had a brilliant time
    and it looked as if everyone else did too.
    Congratulations to Jim Chubb and his winning team the “Heavy Metal’s .” and Jim who also won the men’s individual high score with Holly Benton winning the ladies individual high score ,and Shelia Harris who won the prize for troubling the skittle pickers the least.
    As you know, the raffle generated £83 for the Club’s funds, which is a tremendous amount
    thank you.
    I wanted to thank David and Dennis who made the evening work with their organisation
    of the teams and keeping the score- and keeping everyone in order!-it couldn’t have happened without you.
    I will be bringing along a listing of the planned social events for the rest of the season at short mats this Thursday , and a copy will be available in the Club house and it will also be published on the website.

    Best wishes, Vanessa
    Social Secretary

  22. The Club’s website has been in operation for almost a year now and its popularity
    is continuing to grow.
    On Tuesday 26th March we will be holding a meeting in the Haven Lounge at the Titchfield Community Centre to give all of you the chance to discover a bit more about the website and our hopes for its future.
    This meeting is aimed at everyone whether you are an internet user or not. We would love you to bring a mobile device if you have one: a laptop, ipad, smart phone, whatever you have, as the internet facilities at Titchfield are excellent. If you don’t have one of these,
    then please just bring yourself.
    The meeting starts at 14.00 and finishes at 15.00 .Tea and biscuits are available at 50p


  23. The Exiles.
    Dear Member.
    To avoid any speculation and rumour David Jones and I would like to issue the following letter to our membership .
    You may be aware that David and I have attended the last two AGMs of the Old English Bowling League. This League has five teams . Bosham, Emsworth, , Legionnaires ( Hayling)
    The Royals(Hayling),and Belair(Havant), and the teams play league and cup fixtures against each
    other , normally on a Wednesday evening in mid summer.
    We were asked last year if Titchfield would consider entering a team which we declined on the club’s behalf as there was no provision in our constitution for such a decision. Over the course of
    last season however, we considered the matter in more detail which served to confirm our original decision , as there too many practical obstacles for Titchfield and indeed the other members of the League.
    The Secretary of the League, Glyn Childs who has been a good friend to Titchfield over the years
    is concerned for the future of Old English Bowling, whilst David and I would like to play competitive bowls. So together, we have decided to form an independent team , to be known as
    the “EXILES” , whose home ground will be at Belair in Havant.
    We would look to resource our side with players from Titchfield Bowling Club , so consequently
    we would like to hear from those of you who might be interested in joining us on this adventure.
    The Exiles were formally accepted into the League at the AGM on March 6th 2019 and we are awaiting the fixture list to be published. The Exiles will only play League matches which means a total of 10 games 6 of which will be at Belair.
    I would like to reassure all members that this development does not in anyway affect our commitment to Titchfield Bowling Club.

    Dennis Dowsett & Dave Jones.

  24. The revised Tea Rota is now available to view on the website .
    This can be found under the heading members area in the ninth sub heading down

  25. A message from the web master TBC.
    To All TBC Members if you receive an e-mail purporting to be from me asking you to open
    a DROP BOX please delete this immediately it is a scam .
    I have taken steps with my provider to deal with this issue.
    Thank you.

  26. A message from Dave Jones .
    The security locking for the club has now been restored to the original settings.

  27. The events programme for 2019 is now available to view in the members area 8th sub-heading
    down on on this website.

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