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  1. The Exiles.
    Dear Member.
    To avoid any speculation and rumour David Jones and I would like to issue the following letter to our membership .
    You may be aware that David and I have attended the last two AGMs of the Old English Bowling League. This League has five teams . Bosham, Emsworth, , Legionnaires ( Hayling)
    The Royals(Hayling),and Belair(Havant), and the teams play league and cup fixtures against each
    other , normally on a Wednesday evening in mid summer.
    We were asked last year if Titchfield would consider entering a team which we declined on the club’s behalf as there was no provision in our constitution for such a decision. Over the course of
    last season however, we considered the matter in more detail which served to confirm our original decision , as there too many practical obstacles for Titchfield and indeed the other members of the League.
    The Secretary of the League, Glyn Childs who has been a good friend to Titchfield over the years
    is concerned for the future of Old English Bowling, whilst David and I would like to play competitive bowls. So together, we have decided to form an independent team , to be known as
    the “EXILES” , whose home ground will be at Belair in Havant.
    We would look to resource our side with players from Titchfield Bowling Club , so consequently
    we would like to hear from those of you who might be interested in joining us on this adventure.
    The Exiles were formally accepted into the League at the AGM on March 6th 2019 and we are awaiting the fixture list to be published. The Exiles will only play League matches which means a total of 10 games 6 of which will be at Belair.
    I would like to reassure all members that this development does not in anyway affect our commitment to Titchfield Bowling Club.

    Dennis Dowsett & Dave Jones.

  2. Exiles Start with a win.
    Although not strictly a Titchfield BC matter I thought that many of you would like to know
    that our independent team made up from the club’s players won their inaugural fixture in the
    Old English Bowling League against Bellair Havant.
    The team was Ann& Peter Wheal, Maggie Domican , Davids Shields,, Jones and Ward,
    Peter Taylor, Mike& Irene Dalzell, Dennis Dowsett, Colin Whatling, & iain Windebank .
    Bellair are one of the best sides in the League so to win 3 rinks and an aggregate victory of
    86 to 79 was very impressive, thus giving a league points tally of 5 for and 1 against .
    Well done to all.

  3. Please note that Social Events from Saturday 11th May Through to Wednesday 24th July
    Will be shown on the moving news ticker which is within the welcome page and runs below
    the local weather forecast information on this website.
    it is hoped that this arrangement will keep our activities in the forefront of what we are doing
    over the coming months .

  4. Exiles on the March
    Congratulations to everyone who played in last night’s emphatic win over the Royals
    Score Line
    Exiles 93 Royals 57
    This result gives us 6 points and the Royals 0 points ,which now puts us top of the league right now.
    Our next game is at Emsworth on 29th May when we will be winning again.


  5. The amended Men’s Singles Draw has now been posted on the website
    within the members area in the 3rd sub-heading down headed competitions.

  6. The amended Ladies Doubles competition is now available to view on the website
    this can be found under the heading Members Area in the 3rd sub-heading down headed

  7. Some Photographs of Councillor Hockley’s Event at T.B.C today Saturday 1st June are now available to view within the Gallery Section of this website.

  8. What a super afternoon, enjoyed every minute, many thanks to all the members.

    Good Members
    Good fun.
    Good food.
    Good weather.
    It does not get much better.
    Kind Regards
    George Neill
    (Past Mayor)

  9. Councillor Geoff Hockley Event Saturday 1st June.
    To every one who helped plan and put this event together , Thank You, it was a great success and enjoyed by all.
    To members who worked hard behind the scene washing and clearing up a big thank you
    and to Roy Wilson who provided all the crockery, this was appreciated.
    A brief has been written and submitted to the News with a couple of Photographs of the occasion .
    Suella Braverman MP has also placed a group photo and comment on her face book page an
    added bonus for us.
    Also( Past Mayor )of Fareham George Neill has placed his own comments on the website
    all very encouraging forTBC.

  10. Please note that the remaining events on the TBC calendar for 2019 will be shown on
    the moving news banner which runs across the page below the local weather forecast on the
    welcome page within this website.
    Dates Friday 7th June through to Friday 17th November .
    The social events information form will also remain in place in the members area.

  11. To All Members.
    Please take note , rink playing hours for TBC are now available for your reference
    within this website ,these instructions can be found under the heading About Us combined within the 6th Sub -heading down headed TBC Playing Rules.

  12. Committee Meeting Minutes taken on the 4th June are now available to view on the website.
    These can be found in the Members Area in the 7th Sub-Heading down .

  13. The Exiles suffer their first defeat of the season against Bellair but rest assured they will
    bounce back to win the next game.
    Score Bellair 82
    Exiles 69

  14. BBQ & FUNDAY on Saturday 6th July
    Members wishing to participate should place their name on the form in the club house by
    Wednesday 3rd July latest payment should also be made on this day when the list will be closed
    for this event.
    Thank you

  15. Another good evening for the Exciles winning by 3.5 points to 2.5
    it was a challenging game.
    The total number of points to date are as follows.

    Exciles 24 points
    Bellair 17 points
    Bosham 15 points
    Legionnaires 10.5 points
    Royals 9.5 points
    Emsworth 8 points
    There is a trophy to be won should we prevail which will be presented
    at the award dinner on Friday 4th October we look forward to collecting

  16. From the Social Secretary.
    A listing is now on the notice board in the Club House for the Club Lunch which will take place on Wednesday 24th July ,the lunch will be served at 12.30pm followed by bowls for those who wish to play
    Payment of £3.50 per head to be made to Carol Johnson or myself.

  17. Rink Playing times for competitions have been placed within the members area in the
    3rd sub-heading down on this page

  18. A polite reminder to members, the old pound coins have been out of use for sometime and should not be used for tea at the club.

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