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12 Replies to “Comment Section”

  1. To all Members who access the TBC web site please take note of the following changes.
    1. The Welcome heading and its content will remain unchanged.
    There will be seven sub headings under the main Welcome heading commencing with
    Membership 2018 and concluding with Web site support document
    2 The About us Heading & Content will remain the same but carry eight sub headings
    commencing withTBC Mission Vision& Values and concluding with Titchfield in Bloom

    3. There will be no change to the format of the Calendar.

    4. Contacts have been updated for 2018/2019 post AGM and photos added under each job

    5. Members Area will cover the main working information of the club there are six under
    headings commencing with Competitions and concluding with TBC Tea Rota .There are also
    a further five side sub headings, showing Honours Board, Maintenance, Committee Meeting
    Minutes, Constitution, Incident report form.

    6. The Comment section remains the same.

    It would be appreciated if you could familiarise your selves with all the headings
    and sub heading which will make it easier to find your way around the site and to find the
    information that you may wish to access at any time.
    Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused while the recent technical issues
    were being resolved.

  2. Web Site Updates.

    1 . A new link has been set up within the heading Old English Bowling League please click on link
    to view the content.

    2. The Data Privacy notice has been withdrawn from the website.

    3. A new revised disciplinary notice is now available to view on the website.

    4. The revised constitution document is now available to view on the website.

    5. As TBC support Macmillan & Q.A Hospital in Portsmouth , a new link to each has been
    activated to both of these organisations with useful information.

  3. The 2019 membership renewal form is now available on the web site.
    You should be able to print a copy by clicking on the link within the renewal page .
    Which is under the welcome heading third section down .

  4. The revised 2019 tariff communication is now on the web site.
    Please click on link within the page to view, it is under the welcome heading and second heading
    down marked TBC membership tariffs.

  5. A revised membership list has now been placed on the web site you will find it
    under the welcome heading in the first section down.

  6. A new link has been added into the Titchfield in Bloom Page on the website.
    This gives an update of all the latest news and activities within the Village.
    Our Bowling Club will have the facility to show any Special Events during the course of 2019.
    We are already on the map with the website , this facility should be regarded as an added bonus
    should we wish to use it .

  7. The Picture Gallery for the period December 2018-2019 is now in place and all photographs
    relating to events at the club for this period will be able to be viewed on this site.
    (For example) December 2018 Xmas Jumpers – Awards Dinner.
    ( Next ) March 2019 Crofton Skittles Evening
    Using this format will keep the system in sequence of events and make the viewing I hope a better experience.

  8. Members or New Members wishing to purchase their own set of bowls for the 2019 season
    are directed to the About Us Heading on the TBC site six sections down titled Pershore Bowls Information.
    Click on the link provided which will give all the information that you may need to help in your
    purchasing decision.


  9. There is a new Cutting & Lining Directive from Dave Jones which is now available
    to view on this web site in the Maintenance Area, go to Member Area and scroll second right
    Click to View content

  10. Minutes of the Committee Meeting taken on January 2019 are now available to view on this website, go to members area sub heading CMM on the right , click on link to view

  11. The Three latest additions to the web site are as listed
    Please take time to have a look.

    1 Pershore Bowls Information.
    2 Minutes of Committee Meeting JAN 2019.
    3 Cutting and lining directive from David Jones.

  12. The Old English Bowling League Page on this web site has been updated to include
    addresses , website links, and telephone numbers of the clubs as shown . information has been
    drawn from what is available on each of these sites which may be of use to members during

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