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  1. Over the past 6months a tracking system has been in place to evaluate the membership usage
    of the TBC website.
    The results are listed below.
    FEBRUARY 34 members accessed the site
    MARCH 20
    APRIL 19
    MAY 27
    JUNE 25
    JULY 27
    The target for members who have access is 42 in total and the average over the 6month
    period is 25.3 %. access
    It would appear that these figures are not going to change to much over the next 6months
    so no further figures on a monthly basis will be produced from immediate effect.
    For the members who have consistently accessed the site during this period Thank you,

  2. Normal Service almost resumes at TBC please see note from our Secretary whIch has been posted within the members area .

  3. The latest version from the Beast of Titchfield has been posted within the Lockdown Corner
    of the website.

  4. To all members .
    A letter titled Return to Club Days has been posted within the members area on the website
    please familiarise yourselves with the content .

  5. Please note the latest ring booking information has now been posted along with
    a COVID 19 supplementary letter from Bowls England.
    Both of these items will be found within the Members area sub heading (TBC 3rd June opening

  6. A communication relating to the use of toilets at the club has been posted within the members area (TBC 3rd June Opening)

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