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  1. Membership renewal forms for 2021 have been placed within the welcome section in the
    9th sub-heading down .
    These can be printed off using your own computer if required.

  2. Thanks Vanessa. I too hope we can get going again in April as planned but we will need a fair wind. You missed Mike who was also there that morning before me, cutting the car park. Amazingly, after all the rain we have had, the greens are in pretty good nick. Quite seriously, I think that if Dave and I had our woods with us we could have had a roll up after we finished.

    Concur with David S’s comment re the website. Thanks again Mike.

  3. I drove past the green around 10am this morning and saw Dave and Dennis – socially distanced – they really were! cutting the grass, and doing what needs to be done. I met my friend for a long walk along Lee on the Solent, and bumped into quite a few friends, amongst them Iain and Jenny. I went back home via a Titchfield, as I always do, at around 12.15, to see Dave and Dennis probably ‘finishing’ off. What dedication. If we didn’t have a ‘fit for purpose’ green, we won’t be able to play this year. So my thanks to both, and others who help with the maintenance, without which none of us would be able to play. I do hope that we are able to play again this season, as last year was brilliant to all who participated, but none of this would be possible without Dave and his team of helpers – thank you. I think we probably all under estimate the amount of work that goes into making our green fit for purpose. I really do hope to see as many of you as we are able in April. Best wish to you all, Vanessa.

    1. Nothing new in that it’s the same every year maintenance is ongoing throughout the whole year come what may it’s a pity more members don’t realise and appreciate that simple fact

  4. For membership reference a letter from the Chairman regarding preparations for the 2021
    season can be found under the heading members directory on the website in the 10th
    sub-heading news letters and general communications.

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