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  1. The Exiles.
    Dear Member.
    To avoid any speculation and rumour David Jones and I would like to issue the following letter to our membership .
    You may be aware that David and I have attended the last two AGMs of the Old English Bowling League. This League has five teams . Bosham, Emsworth, , Legionnaires ( Hayling)
    The Royals(Hayling),and Belair(Havant), and the teams play league and cup fixtures against each
    other , normally on a Wednesday evening in mid summer.
    We were asked last year if Titchfield would consider entering a team which we declined on the club’s behalf as there was no provision in our constitution for such a decision. Over the course of
    last season however, we considered the matter in more detail which served to confirm our original decision , as there too many practical obstacles for Titchfield and indeed the other members of the League.
    The Secretary of the League, Glyn Childs who has been a good friend to Titchfield over the years
    is concerned for the future of Old English Bowling, whilst David and I would like to play competitive bowls. So together, we have decided to form an independent team , to be known as
    the “EXILES” , whose home ground will be at Belair in Havant.
    We would look to resource our side with players from Titchfield Bowling Club , so consequently
    we would like to hear from those of you who might be interested in joining us on this adventure.
    The Exiles were formally accepted into the League at the AGM on March 6th 2019 and we are awaiting the fixture list to be published. The Exiles will only play League matches which means a total of 10 games 6 of which will be at Belair.
    I would like to reassure all members that this development does not in anyway affect our commitment to Titchfield Bowling Club.

    Dennis Dowsett & Dave Jones.

  2. Two Indoor Friendly Matches have been arranged .

    T.B.C v Thorngate Friday 17th January 1-30pm – 3pm at the Titchfield Community Centre

    Thorngate v T.B.C Wednesday 4th March at Thorngate Halls Bury Road Gosport PO12 3PX
    Times will be confirmed in the near future.


  3. Membership renewal forms for 2020 have been posted on the website and can be found
    under the Welcome heading in second sub-heading down marked (Renewals.)

  4. Dave Cumming has kindly printed off some membership renewal forms these will be available
    at the indoor bowling today Thursday 2nd January.
    Please collect one at the desk , alternatively the these can be printed off from the website
    using your own home printer.

  5. The First Annual TBC Website report for 2019 is now available to view within the Welcome
    heading in the 7th sub-heading down.
    The TBC website has proved to be very popular during 2019 which is very good news .
    Please see report as posted.

  6. Please note that all TBC 2020 Events can be viewed in the moving news ticker
    which is below the weather map on the main front page of this website.
    A hard copy is also available within the Members Area in the 1st sub -heading should you wish
    to print a copy for reference.

  7. A Message from the Maintenance Manager .
    Although we have been progressing maintenance throughout the winter ,we are now preparing
    our plans for 2020 which will enable us to get a good start to the season commencing in April.
    Firstly I would like to mention WOODS, both hired and Owned!.
    As you know I have been asked to make a complete register of woods being used for the game
    of OEBs at our club, checking Bias/Size and serial numbers and whether they are Pershore
    certified. Generally members have responded well and i am almost ready along with the Secretary to take the uncertified woods to Pershore for checking.
    However there are a few members who have not provided the information and have not returned the hire woods they hold for checking.
    In this instance the Committee will decide what action will be taken with uncertified woods
    So please!! if you have not yet returned your woods for checking please do so as soon as possible.
    Secondly , just as a “heads up” I would like to remind you that help will be required throughout
    the season to maintain the Green in the condition you have come to expect .
    So on your membership application form please consider what you may or may not want to help with.
    Training for the use of Machinery will be given if it is your first time , and you will always be partnered with an experienced member .
    A larger working party will be required Mid March for the following work.
    1 Fence Painting.
    2 Strimming .
    3 General Tidying up ready for the start of the new season.
    If you have any questions that you may wish to ask before volunteering then please be free
    to contact Dave Jones , Nigel Edwards ,or the Club Secretary Dennis Dowsett who will be happy
    help you.
    Thanking you in anticipation ,and looking forward to a “Great 2020”

    Dave Jones ( Maintenance Officer) Titchfield Bowling Club

  8. Dear Members ,
    It is proposed to set up a user tracking system for the 38 members who currently have access
    to the Titchfield Bowling Club Website.
    This will be administered by Month , Date , and Time you access the site.
    By year end this will give a better indication of the support the website has in general by
    membership use, which is important.
    it is proposed to offer up a monthly update as we move forward .
    The website belongs to TBC and it’s members if you have any questions or any ideas how
    the site could be improved please let me know will be happy to listen .
    January viewing to date total 6 = 15.79% .
    Many thanks

  9. Every endeavour is being made to keep all relevant sub -headings in one complete line
    below the main page headings for ease of reference .
    The only exception is the Tea Rota which can be found to the right of of the winter short mat
    time table in the members area at the bottom of the page.

  10. The Incident Report form for TBC if required during 2020 can be found within the members
    area in the 7th sub-heading down in General Maintenance .

  11. Dear Members,
    You will notice a few changes to our website which have been administered over the past few days.
    Firstly there is a new photo on the main front page replacing the original one which has been there for nearly three years.
    Secondly there a couple of points to mention , when your place your cursor on the main picture
    scroll up and website content will cover the picture and viewing the site will be better.
    To view headings just place your cursor for example over the Welcome and the listings will
    automatically show there is no need to click the same applies to ABOUT US, GALLERY, MEMBERS AREA , the only three which will require you to click to view are OLD BOWLING LGE,
    The site will continue to be monitored against members access , and it is important that
    to obtain this information that PASSWORDS are remembered this will enable you to visit
    the restricted areas of the site which will then record your visit.
    If you need any assistance please do not hesitate to contact me.
    Could I encourage all members to have a look at the site at least twice a month so you know
    what is going on, information is frequently updated.
    The renewal for the next three years will be soon due , so if we don’t use it to our advantage
    we might possibly loose it.
    Thank you for your support.

  12. It has been agreed that we post a T.B.C seasonal photo for every month of the year .
    The first one for January has been posted in the Welcome section front page.

  13. First Event of 2020 Titchfield BC v Thorngate BC Indoor match at the Community Centre
    Photos now posted in the 2020 section.

  14. A note of thanks from the Secretary for support for the Home Friendly Match between
    TBC & Thorngate BC today has been posted plus a photo within the members area in the
    14th sub-heading down(Winter Short Mat.)

  15. A gentle reminder when trying to log into the TBC WEBSITE.
    Two blank spaces will appear , in the top space put your USER NAME which is your SURNAME
    and the second space put your PASSWORD which you have been allocated.
    This process will allow you to view parts of the site which are restricted.
    if this route is not followed then you will not be able to view items of importance and your
    visit will not be recorded.
    Please contact me if you have any issues.
    Thank You

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