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The river next to the bowling green floods the car parking area

causing problems with the fencing. Photo provided by Gary Rathke.




23 Replies to “Comment Section”

  1. The Exiles.
    Dear Member.
    To avoid any speculation and rumour David Jones and I would like to issue the following letter to our membership .
    You may be aware that David and I have attended the last two AGMs of the Old English Bowling League. This League has five teams . Bosham, Emsworth, , Legionnaires ( Hayling)
    The Royals(Hayling),and Belair(Havant), and the teams play league and cup fixtures against each
    other , normally on a Wednesday evening in mid summer.
    We were asked last year if Titchfield would consider entering a team which we declined on the club’s behalf as there was no provision in our constitution for such a decision. Over the course of
    last season however, we considered the matter in more detail which served to confirm our original decision , as there too many practical obstacles for Titchfield and indeed the other members of the League.
    The Secretary of the League, Glyn Childs who has been a good friend to Titchfield over the years
    is concerned for the future of Old English Bowling, whilst David and I would like to play competitive bowls. So together, we have decided to form an independent team , to be known as
    the “EXILES” , whose home ground will be at Belair in Havant.
    We would look to resource our side with players from Titchfield Bowling Club , so consequently
    we would like to hear from those of you who might be interested in joining us on this adventure.
    The Exiles were formally accepted into the League at the AGM on March 6th 2019 and we are awaiting the fixture list to be published. The Exiles will only play League matches which means a total of 10 games 6 of which will be at Belair.
    I would like to reassure all members that this development does not in anyway affect our commitment to Titchfield Bowling Club.

    Dennis Dowsett & Dave Jones.

  2. A Message from the Maintenance Manager .
    Although we have been progressing maintenance throughout the winter ,we are now preparing
    our plans for 2020 which will enable us to get a good start to the season commencing in April.
    Firstly I would like to mention WOODS, both hired and Owned!.
    As you know I have been asked to make a complete register of woods being used for the game
    of OEBs at our club, checking Bias/Size and serial numbers and whether they are Pershore
    certified. Generally members have responded well and i am almost ready along with the Secretary to take the uncertified woods to Pershore for checking.
    However there are a few members who have not provided the information and have not returned the hire woods they hold for checking.
    In this instance the Committee will decide what action will be taken with uncertified woods
    So please!! if you have not yet returned your woods for checking please do so as soon as possible.
    Secondly , just as a “heads up” I would like to remind you that help will be required throughout
    the season to maintain the Green in the condition you have come to expect .
    So on your membership application form please consider what you may or may not want to help with.
    Training for the use of Machinery will be given if it is your first time , and you will always be partnered with an experienced member .
    A larger working party will be required Mid March for the following work.
    1 Fence Painting.
    2 Strimming .
    3 General Tidying up ready for the start of the new season.
    If you have any questions that you may wish to ask before volunteering then please be free
    to contact Dave Jones , Nigel Edwards ,or the Club Secretary Dennis Dowsett who will be happy
    help you.
    Thanking you in anticipation ,and looking forward to a “Great 2020”

    Dave Jones ( Maintenance Officer) Titchfield Bowling Club

  3. Dear Members ,
    It is proposed to set up a user tracking system for the 38 members who currently have access
    to the Titchfield Bowling Club Website.
    This will be administered by Month , Date , and Time you access the site.
    By year end this will give a better indication of the support the website has in general by
    membership use, which is important.
    it is proposed to offer up a monthly update as we move forward .
    The website belongs to TBC and it’s members if you have any questions or any ideas how
    the site could be improved please let me know will be happy to listen .
    Many thanks

  4. Dear Members,
    You will notice a few changes to our website which have been administered over the past few days.
    Firstly there is a new photo on the main front page replacing the original one which has been there for nearly three years.
    Secondly there a couple of points to mention , when your place your cursor on the main picture
    scroll up and website content will cover the picture and viewing the site will be better.
    To view headings just place your cursor for example over the Welcome and the listings will
    automatically show there is no need to click the same applies to ABOUT US, GALLERY, MEMBERS AREA , the only three which will require you to click to view are OLD BOWLING LGE,
    The site will continue to be monitored against members access , and it is important that
    to obtain this information that PASSWORDS are remembered this will enable you to visit
    the restricted areas of the site which will then record your visit.
    If you need any assistance please do not hesitate to contact me.
    Could I encourage all members to have a look at the site at least twice a month so you know
    what is going on, information is frequently updated.
    The renewal for the next three years will be soon due , so if we don’t use it to our advantage
    we might possibly loose it.
    Thank you for your support.

  5. A gentle reminder when trying to log into the TBC WEBSITE.
    Two blank spaces will appear , in the top space put your USER NAME which is your SURNAME
    and the second space put your PASSWORD which you have been allocated.
    This process will allow you to view parts of the site which are restricted.
    if this route is not followed then you will not be able to view items of importance and your
    visit will not be recorded.
    Please contact me if you have any issues.
    Thank You

  6. To all Members and Committe Members
    If you have anything to Communicate to the Membership during the course of this year
    or you have Items of interest to convey, could you please within the comments section of
    the TBC website use the box which is at the bottom of the page to write your message
    When you have written your message this will automatically be sent to the membership

  7. Hello everyone – I just wanted to update you all on the Crofton skittles night (Friday 20 March 2020). Spaces for this event are limited and it is extremely popular, so much so that there are only 3 places left! If you do want to go, please let me know ASAP (01489 584191). I also need to have your menu choices and payment no later than Thursday 27 February 2020. It’s shaping up to be a great night, and I look forward to seeing you there – don’t forget that there will also be a raffle.

    Best wishes

    Social Secretary

  8. To all Members.
    A website users report for the Month of January has now been posted, there are two reports
    one for members who have logged in during the course of January and one report showing
    members who have not taken advantage of the website facilities.
    These tracking reports will be updated at the end of each month and can be found within
    the welcome section in the 9th sub-heading down marked website users access .
    We are working to achieve a higher percentage of membership usage and your help
    will be greatly appreciated in reaching our aim.
    If you have any questions please be free to speak with me or drop me a line
    Many Thanks,
    Mike Dalzell Webmaster for TBC

  9. Hello again

    Following on from my previous update, I now have a full house for the Crofton skittles evening – which is pretty fantastic! I will start a waiting list in case there is further interest, and people already booked can’t attend.

    Best wishes

    Social Secretary

  10. Dear Members,
    You will have noticed on a recent message from the Secretary that all future items such as
    Committee Meeting Minutes will be directed to you within an E-mail with a link to view
    the subject on our website.
    We are currently endeavouring to improve our communications within the club to every member
    via the website, ,your account has been set up as a subscriber to TBC.
    All member’s who have computers are on the the Master List and should be able to
    to participate easily.
    If for any reason you experience any issues such as password or access problems PLEASE drop me a line me or call me by telephoneI will be happy to help.
    The website should be informative and helpful and a pleasant experience to use.
    It is not difficult.
    Thank you in advance for your support .
    This month is beginning to show a marked improvement in Viewing.

  11. I heard through the grapevine that there has been talk around the club recently about the level of increase this year and, in particular, the increase in the hire of woods. I thought as Secretary I should take it on myself to provide some explanation of the committee’s recommendations that were approved at the AGM back in November.

    I would stress, before I present the facts, that everyone on the committee devotes oodles of their own time and resource, in order to keep the prices that the club charges to an absolute minimum but there are inescapable costs involved in running a club such as ours.

    Before I joined the committee the principle followed was that the club would endeavour to raise membership in line with inflation. In 2016 membership was £60; it then rose to £62 and £65 in the following two years. It was unaltered in 2019 but has increased to £70 for the coming year. This represents a yearly average increase of about 3.3% over the five year period. At the same time the fee for an Associate which was £10 in 2016 and 2017, was reduced to zero in 2018 onwards. The committee’s intention was to better match what you paid in, to the potential benefit you could derive.

    The issue of woods has been more problematic. If we are to adhere to the rules of the game, the bias on our woods needs to be at least 6. Although it is possible to acquire second hand woods very cheaply, rarely do these have a bias of at least 6 unless they are “doctored” by adding weight or reshaped on a lathe. Many of the woods owned by the club were of uncertain origin which is why David Jones and I took these “unknown” woods for testing. As expected some failed.

    The committee took the decision a few years back that in order to improve our stock we would acquire at least 2 new sets of woods each season which we have done. However, a new set of woods is now in the region of £130 a pair. In 2018 the cost of hire rose from £5 to £10 but still we were looking at over 13 years to recoup the outlay. The committee knew that many of our stock of woods for hire could prove unfit for purpose, so the decision was made to purchase at least 4 sets this season to ensure that we have adequate stocks.

    At the same time, many members have started to purchase their own personal woods so we anticipate that, at best, the income from rentals will be steady despite the increase in member numbers. So after a lot of soul-searching we recommended that the cost of hire should be increased to £15 this season.

    The other issue I have heard raised is that the club is awash with money in the reserve account. Not true. The reserve account is our own insurance against a rainy day. If something were to happen to our clubhouse we would incur immediate costs in order to keep us functioning. Ask the people affected by the current floods. Our reserve account amounts to about a half a season’s running costs. It is what it is; a necessary and prudent reserve.

    I would suggest you look at the Treasurer’s Report in the minutes of the AGM last year and the break down in income and expenditure. We are not a profit making organisation, nor a loss making one.

    I would ask you please to check the facts when you hear this gossip.

  12. In defence of the new costings for 2020 perhaps it would be well to work this out.
    From Saturday 4th April through to Friday 2nd October there are 156 playing days
    T he Annual subscription is £70.00.
    Hire of woods £15.00
    Total £85.00
    If you take the £85 and divide this into the number of playing days avalible this equates to
    0.54p if you play on each day of the week ,this is the best cost senario.
    The cost to play goes up of course if you play less.
    But overall TBC offers very good value for money.

  13. Perhaps members who consider it to be too expensive should sound out other clubs , then they would realise that they get a very good deal at TBC

  14. Hi all there is a sign up sheet for all short matt players who would like to play in our match against Thorngate on the 4th March 1.30 for 2pm. Thorngate can accommodate 20 players on 5 matts so there is plenty of room if you would like to play. Usual cost per head £3.oo. Please also give your car reg no as this has to be given to reception on arrival.

  15. Further to my previous message I have been in contact with Mell at Thorngate and they are comfortable with four matts so have restricted the no’s to 16 to play. Pleas keep on adding your names if you would like to play,


    Restrictions have been put in place under the Welcome Heading on the website to enhance security the exceptions are as follows.
    Social Events.
    Pershore Bowling Information.
    Support our Charities.
    TBC Viewers correspondence .
    These sub-headings can be viewed from outside sources .
    All other sub-headings under the Main Welcome Heading will carry a restriction and will be
    for membership access only using password to log in.
    All sub -headings with the exception of sub-heading TBC Mission Vision & Values
    are now restricted to membership access only using password to log in.
    These changes should not in anyway hinder your access to the website .
    if you experience any problems please let me know.
    Many thanks.

  17. So far this month the membership viewing of the website has been beyond expectation.
    We still have 10days to go before the final February results are published .
    My thanks to all who have supported this new venture in our communication strategy thus far.

  18. Coronavirus

    As the age range of our membership makes us a vulnerable group, I am aware that we as a club need to be ready to react should the spread of this virus worsen in the UK. I am monitoring the situation but at present the risk is very low and the advice from the Gov.UK website is :

    UK Chief Medical Officers are advising anyone who has travelled to the UK from mainland China, Thailand, Japan, Republic of Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia or Macau in the last 14 days and is experiencing cough or fever or shortness of breath, to stay indoors and call NHS 111, even if symptoms are mild.

    If any members are travelling to the Far East then please heed this advice and I would appreciate it if you could make me aware.


  19. Just a reminder that restrictions are in place on the website within the Welcome area
    and Members area, which means that no outside source will be able to view the content .
    The members area is the most heavily restricted which is viewable only with your approved
    password the same applies to some items in the Welcome area.
    Thank you.

  20. I know I will probably take some stick for saying this but our present practice of shaking hands after each game contains some risk of passing on infections during this present climate. Would it not be a good idea to suspend this practice just for the time being until the present risk is eliminated and also bearing in mind we are all off a certain age !!

  21. There is no reason for anyone to object to this request in the current situation.
    We have been given a health directive .
    Wash you hands with soap and water or /hand wash gel frequently .
    Do not touch your eyes .
    Do not touch your nose .
    Be careful .

  22. Hello everyone

    A revised social events schedule is now available under the welcome section; this is to reflect the change of date for our Awards Dinner, which will now be held on 6 November.


    Social Secretary

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