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  1. The Exiles.
    Dear Member.
    To avoid any speculation and rumour David Jones and I would like to issue the following letter to our membership .
    You may be aware that David and I have attended the last two AGMs of the Old English Bowling League. This League has five teams . Bosham, Emsworth, , Legionnaires ( Hayling)
    The Royals(Hayling),and Belair(Havant), and the teams play league and cup fixtures against each
    other , normally on a Wednesday evening in mid summer.
    We were asked last year if Titchfield would consider entering a team which we declined on the club’s behalf as there was no provision in our constitution for such a decision. Over the course of
    last season however, we considered the matter in more detail which served to confirm our original decision , as there too many practical obstacles for Titchfield and indeed the other members of the League.
    The Secretary of the League, Glyn Childs who has been a good friend to Titchfield over the years
    is concerned for the future of Old English Bowling, whilst David and I would like to play competitive bowls. So together, we have decided to form an independent team , to be known as
    the “EXILES” , whose home ground will be at Belair in Havant.
    We would look to resource our side with players from Titchfield Bowling Club , so consequently
    we would like to hear from those of you who might be interested in joining us on this adventure.
    The Exiles were formally accepted into the League at the AGM on March 6th 2019 and we are awaiting the fixture list to be published. The Exiles will only play League matches which means a total of 10 games 6 of which will be at Belair.
    I would like to reassure all members that this development does not in anyway affect our commitment to Titchfield Bowling Club.

    Dennis Dowsett & Dave Jones.

  2. To All Members.
    Please take note , rink playing hours for TBC are now available for your reference
    within this website ,these instructions can be found under the heading About Us combined within the 6th Sub -heading down headed TBC Playing Rules.

  3. Another good evening for the Exciles winning by 3.5 points to 2.5
    it was a challenging game.
    The total number of points to date are as follows.

    Exciles 24 points
    Bellair 17 points
    Bosham 15 points
    Legionnaires 10.5 points
    Royals 9.5 points
    Emsworth 8 points
    There is a trophy to be won should we prevail which will be presented
    at the award dinner on Friday 4th October we look forward to collecting

  4. Rink Playing times for competitions have been placed within the members area in the
    3rd sub-heading down on this page

  5. From the Social Secretary.
    I would like to thank all the ladies who participated in the doubles event-as David said
    at the end of the competition the club has some amazing lady players -but you all know
    that all ready. so many congratulations to Irene Dalzell and Norma Cumming-you made quite a team . I think everyone enjoyed themselves and hopefully the event will become a
    regular fixture. However , this could not have happened without the brilliant organisation of the event by Jim, and Roy’s catering -thank you both so very much- oh , and a big thank you to the men for waiting on the ladies-wonderful.

  6. TBC Website Security update.
    The membership may have noticed that when using the TBC website a message saying the
    site was not secure , although we have not had any adverse problems to date it has been
    decided to put in place a SSL Certificate which will enhance the security overall .
    The wording (NOT SECURE) will not show up in future and we will be able to use the site
    with greater confidence knowing that we have acted responsibly in this respect.
    The transition will take about two days to implement , in the mean time you can still access the
    site as you wish . I will let you know when things are up and running.
    Thank you for your understanding.

  7. For Member’s who have not yet seen the Ladies Day bowling competition results these

    are posted within the Members Area under Competitions in the third sub -heading down on

    this website.


  8. After our resounding win at home earlier in the season , Alverstoke took their revenge yesterday afternoon with a 130 to 74 aggregate win at Gosport Park.
    Thanks to everyone who participated, particularly David & Norma Cumming, who organised our teams.

  9. As a result of recent discussions regarding website security , it has been decided to upgrade
    the TBC site which will give us greater security over the coming year.
    As from today a new security certificate has been applied and is now operational .
    You will notice that a message (Site Not Secure) which showed on the main front page when logging in no longer exists, we should now have more confidence in using this website
    knowing we have this added support.
    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to speak to me I will be happy to help.
    Thank You

  10. Some photos taken at the Ken Prince Trophy Competition on Saturday have now been posted
    within the gallery on this web site.
    Please click on the images to enlarge which will give a better viewing .

  11. The Exiles had a great win against Bosham on Wednesday Evening winning 5-1 at home .
    Everyone said it was a good match and we were worthy winners , the Exiles very happy with the
    final game of the league season in fact the league want us all back next year, we look forward
    to it ,the final league results are awaited watch this space.


  12. In view of the adverse weather forecast for this coming Saturday , it was agreed at this morning’s
    committee meeting to postpone Saturday’s BBQ.
    A new date has not yet been set. At this stage we intend to retain payments made until a new date has been determined. However, should you require a refund please contact Dave Jones
    or Nigel Edwards.

    Dennis Dowsett

  13. To all Members
    There has been a couple of changes made within the main heading of the TBC website
    The heading TBC Management has been moved under the heading About us in the second
    sub -heading down.
    The new heading is titled Old English Bowls League in which you will find the latest information
    there will be more content to follow in due course.


  14. Notes of Guidance for Referees of internal Old English Bowls competitions held by
    Titchfield Bowling Club, can be found within the Members Area, in the third sub-heading down
    marked competitions .

  15. The Old English Bowling League ( Exiles )results are now available to view within
    the OEBL Heading on the main page of this website.
    We have had a very enjoyable first season and look forward to participating next season.
    With our league friends.

  16. Committee meeting minutes for the month of August are now available to view on
    this website in the members area seventh sub-heading down.

  17. If you intend driving down the Green today please be aware that with the current weather, the ground will be Soft And Soggy in places on the Carpark. Please drive slowly and try not to spin your wheels as it causes untold damage to the surface.

    Secondly the Worm Cast season is now with us. Please also be aware that if the Casts are really
    wet and you Switch them they will spread all over the green and form mud patches. Its like spreading soft butter on bread and is not satisfactory. To disperse them properly they need to be dry. This of course is not always practical but I ask for common sense to prevail.I do realise it is an impossible Quest but please give your best shot. Thank You

  18. A message from David Jones

    1. If you do go to the bowling green this afternoon do take great care in the car park as the surface is very wet and will easily get churned up.

    Worm casts- These are becoming problematic if still wet. Care and judgement is required when switching not to spread the mud like butter over the surface

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