Privacy Policy Notice. January 2020






This notice serves to explain what we do and the guide lines that we follow

legally and fairly.

1.   In principal to manage all membership names & addresses

     for Titchfield Bowling Club.

2. To manage membership renewals  and additions where applicable.

3. To inform the membership of all events during the course of each year.

4. Members will be able to view their personal information such as Address

    Telephone number (excluding e-mail ) on the membership form 2018.

5.  This is information will be on a protected area of the web site  accessed  by

     a specific password (Outside sources will not be able to view this).

6.   The members may at any time get the information amended  or ask

        to get it deleted.

7.    The above mentioned actions will suffice for the needs of TBC.

8.    None of this information is passed to a third party.

9.    If you are unclear as to the actions that this club is taking regarding

        personal data please speak with the  Club Secretary .