T.B.C General Maintenance.






Message from the Maintenance Manager Dave Jones.

The three photos below tell a story!!!!

It is quite disappointing to find the green rotary machine in an awful state after being used and  in mine and Nigel’s opinion no  attempt to clean the underneath of the machine or the grass box after use was attempted.

All it does is put a larger work load on the team and reduces the efficiency of the machine . So could who ever uses the machinery please ensure it is  washed down with the hose including the grass box and then wiped clean

ready for the next user ,always leave it as you would expect to find it.


Thank You D.J




Pollarding of trees at Titchfield Bowling Club

                              February 2019.




All Rinks now lined and ready for the new season

Completed on Thursday 28th March.


Maintenance information for members rostered to work at the club.


Please click on the links below to view your rota dates and to view contact  telephone numbers in case you need to change rota dates with anyone.

Please click on link below to view.

Incident report form 2020.

Maintenance Report 2017

Maintenance Report 2018

Contact numbers for Liners & Cutters 2019

Grass Cutting and Lining rota 2019 

Grass Cutting and Lining rota  inc October 



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