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Short Mat Bowling at Titchfield  Bowling Club   2019- 2020

How the game is played.

Short mat bowls is very similar to lawn bowls in that the object is for each player, or team, to take turns rolling bowls down a mat in an attempt to get as many of the bowls as possible closer to the target (the’ jack’) than the opponent. The main difference is in the size of the playing area  and the presence of the block midway down the rink mat . The presence of the block prevents players from knocking their opponents bowls away from the jack by sheer force; players are required to use the natural bias of the bowls to  maneuver around the block . Any bowls that touch the block , or land in the dead area ,are dead and are removed before the next bowl. The skill in playing short mat bowls comes from the bias of the ball and the inconsistent playing surface ; both the performance of the rink mat and the floor surface can vary between matches in different venus.


The origin of the short mat bowls game is uncertain, but one story is that it was  first played in Wales by two South Africans who came to work in the area. They had played bowls outdoors in South Africa and, perhaps due to the poor climate and the long close season in Wales ,they began to play a simulation of the outdoor game on a strip of carpet in a church hall.Some time later , they moved to Northern Ireland and took the new game with them . Rules and conditions of play were drawn up ant the game soon  became well established in the Province. It was introduced into England by Irish expatriates , but development was slow until the 1980s when its potential as a low cost sport for people of all ages was realised .

For TBC Members.

Venue for short mat bowling  October 2019-March 2020

At Titchfield Community Centre Mill Lane Titchfield from 2pm -4pm.

Every Thursday afternoon 2pm-4pm until end of March 2020

Cost per game £2.50 which includes  tea and biscuits.




201920A Indoor Short Mat Season

201920B Indoor Short Mat Seaso



Friendly Match 

Thorngate V TBC  17th January 2020

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Next Away Match at Thorngate Wednesday 4th March .